American Dreamers, Like all America, are Working Toward our Next Goals!

  Hi Everyone!! We have some news!!! We have released our music video for our song ‘Precious Time’. You can watch it here!!! We’ve had a ton of shares of our Youtube/website link on Facebook and through emails from… Continue Reading


How does she do it all? Housekeeping, Motherhood and Follow Her Dreams?

  Hi everyone, If I had a nickel for every time someone asks me, ‘How do you do it all’, I would be rich! So, this post will tell you how I do it all!! I should begin by saying… Continue Reading

An Animal Print Themed Birthday Story!

  This Fall animal prints are so in! They were all over the stores when we did our back to school shopping. It wasn’t a surprise when Eva wanted her ninth birthday party theme to be ‘Cheetah’. There’s a wonderful… Continue Reading

Sleep and Why I Apparently Can’t Have It!

I can’t sleep! Gearing up for this single release has been a little stressful but I’m so excited that I haven’t noticed. I literally got about three hours of sleep last night because I kept waking up with racing thoughts.… Continue Reading

Mom and The Pop Life Features Coming Soon!

Hi Everyone, I have another exciting announcement today! I learn about so many great women who are doing cool things with their work and services! I am hand selecting women to feature on Mom and the Pop Life with awesome… Continue Reading

American Dreamers – Your First Look at Our Music Video

Hi Everyone, We have two major announcements today and one exciting one!!! #1 – The name of our single is ‘Precious Time’ !!! So excited! #2 – Here is the first look at our music video. We’ll release it on… Continue Reading

Free Range Kids on the ‘Helicopter Mom’: Has our Need for Security Made Our Generation Loopy?

      Maybe it’s because my children are getting older and I’m not worried that they’ll eat paint or run into oncoming traffic….Maybe it’s just that I’m starting to notice my need to hold onto (OK, cling) to my… Continue Reading

Lowering TV Time Could Improve Your Child’s Attitude and Behavior. Read our Family’s Story!

    I’m going to tell you a story about television and behavior changes in our home. About two years ago, my oldest daughter, Eva, comes upstairs in a frantic whirlwind. She said, ‘Mom, I was watching TV and then,… Continue Reading