American Dreamers, Like all America, are Working Toward our Next Goals!

  Hi Everyone!! We have some news!!! We have released our music video for our song ‘Precious Time’. You can watch it here!!! We’ve had a ton of shares of our Youtube/website link on Facebook and through emails from… Continue Reading


American Dreamers Releases Lyrics for Single ‘Precious Time’!!!

  We promised lyrics on Tuesday!! ‘In your mind, when the world is yours and time is there…’   More lyrics coming soon!!!  Precious Time will be released in nine days on Itunes and with our music video!!! More news… Continue Reading

American Dreamers – Your First Look at Our Music Video

Hi Everyone, We have two major announcements today and one exciting one!!! #1 – The name of our single is ‘Precious Time’ !!! So excited! #2 – Here is the first look at our music video. We’ll release it on… Continue Reading

American Dreamers: 19 More Days until our Single Release!

  I can’t believe that we’re less than 20 days from our release date of Thursday, November 1st! Our music is pop/country/americana. We’re so excited!! That is, my husband above. It’s been such a wonderful journey making music and performing… Continue Reading