American Dreamers, Like all America, are Working Toward our Next Goals!

  Hi Everyone!! We have some news!!! We have released our music video for our song ‘Precious Time’. You can watch it here!!! We’ve had a ton of shares of our Youtube/website link on Facebook and through emails from… Continue Reading


We are American Dreamers ®, Here’s our new music video ‘Precious Time’ ©, We are Family in America

  At this time, we are all needing to band together to build this wonderful country back up! We are American Dreamers and everything we write is about real life and real people. Click the photo above to watch our… Continue Reading

Free Range Kids on the ‘Helicopter Mom’: Has our Need for Security Made Our Generation Loopy?

      Maybe it’s because my children are getting older and I’m not worried that they’ll eat paint or run into oncoming traffic….Maybe it’s just that I’m starting to notice my need to hold onto (OK, cling) to my… Continue Reading