Seven Days of Positivity Challenge: Day Four

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I’ve been challenged by my friend, Bonnie to think of and share three things I feel positively about. Today is day four.


1. I am thankful that a friend today said something that reminded me that being humble and realizing that the challenges of another are not my battles. They are not done personally to me. I’m thankful for this new awareness.

2. I am thankful for engineers, doctors, artists, scientists and social and political geniuses who have created inventions, cures and created ideas that have challenged and changed the world for the better. We are lucky to have people who see the world so starkly and unwaveringly different.

3. I am thankful for exercise videos. They allow me to workout in my home without having to add on commute time to the gym.


That’s all for today!

Have a lovely evening,

Christine Rap



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