Seven Days of Positive Thinking Challenge: Day Two

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I have been challenged by my good friend Bonnie Budd, a future published author, to think of (& share) three positive things per day. Today is day two.

1. I am thankful for my mind. It is able to reason, learn and change. I am amazed at what my mind can do and continually change, improve and grow.

2. I am grateful for education. The ability to question, learn, inquire, research and search for the truth is just about the most important thing I can do. I am happy I am able to get an education and that I live in a country where women can be educated.

3. I am thankful for my Nutri-Bullet. It has made getting a green juice in the morning very easy to do. I am grateful for the fruits and vegetables which nourish my body and mind.


OK! That’s it until tomorrow!

Enjoy Today!
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