‘Precious Time’ Song and Watch Music Video by American Dreamers, Released Today!

American Dreamers, Precious Time Single

American Dreamers, ‘Precious Time’ Single Cover Art, Available on Itunes Now-Photo by Carrie Abysalh, Logo by D.J. Correia,


We are so thrilled to share our video and song ‘Precious Time’ with you all!!!

You can see and listen on many places!!

On our American Dreamers Youtube Channel (AmericanDreamersTV) : http://youtu.be/2GdMXDXm_zE

On Our Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/americandreamersmusic

and our official website with more photos and information about us!!!  http://www.americandreamersmusic.com


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Enjoy Today!!
Christine Rap



I'm Christine Rap. I'm a real mom. I blog about real things in pop culture and motherhood. I am not a gossip columnist! I am half of American Dreamers http://www.facebook.com/americandreamersmusic. We are releasing our next single and music video on Thursday, November 1, 2012. We're very excited!

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