‘Precious Time’ is being used as Father Daughter and Mother Son Dances in Weddings!

Precious Time by American Dreamers is getting wonderful response!!!

American Dreamers, Precious Time Single, Available on Itunes

American Dreamers, Precious Time Single, Download on Itunes Now!

We got about 700 views at the time of writing this! So many people have been emailing us and letting us know how the song made them cry happy tears. We are also thrilled that people are choosing Precious Time as their Father Daughter and Mother Son Dances at their weddings!!!

Please continue the sharing and tell your friends about ‘Precious Time’ and keep emailing us. We love hearing from you all! We’re so proud to share this piece with everyone.

Again, you can find our video on three places!





Next week we have a feature story on Nora McCarthy and her journey to being a super fit and highly positive-minded mom and woman! I can’t wait to share her amazing story and before and after photos!



Enjoy Today!
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