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Hi Everyone!!!

FREE Ringtone! Click to be brought to our Facebook Page to vote!

Click on the photo and vote for American Dreamers Precious Time on the wall of Wootube now!


We are finalists in a contest! It is so important that you vote for us today! If you have a Facebook account, you can vote and every account can only vote once! We wrote, recorded, produced and performed our own original song, ‘Precious Time!’

It takes just a couple of clicks and you will make us happy! Wootube is a TV Music Show that has a monthly contest. We , American Dreamers, are finalists for the month of November!

This is what you do. Login to Facebook! Click on their link below. About halfway down their wall on right hand side is a question asked on November 14. It has five bands listed on the multiple choice bullets. Click on American Dreamers, Precious Time. We are the fifth band listed! Please do it right away because time is running out. If we get the most votes, our video will be played on TV three times a week for a month!! If we win for this month, we can win for the whole year! So, please, help out!! 

Our video can also be seen on Facebook Stop by and like our page!! :)


Thank you so much and all our best wishes!!
Christine Rap



I'm Christine Rap. I'm a real mom. I blog about real things in pop culture and motherhood. I am not a gossip columnist! I am half of American Dreamers We are releasing our next single and music video on Thursday, November 1, 2012. We're very excited!

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