Our Stressed School Morning, Told with Expressions from Lucille Ball

Moms stressed out I love Lucy

This was me this morning. I Love Lucille Ball.

I do not like mornings like this. My girls woke up tired, and took fifteen minutes to wake up. We were already in time crunch mode to get to school. That’s when they decided to argue about sink space, toothpaste, nag each other, play with toys…if I bit my nails, I’d have none. Next, they cried because they made each other so upset. At this point, I was so stressed, knowing that they still needed to each breakfast, get dressed, getting backpacks, shoes, coats.

So, this is about when I separated them and when they promptly ignored the much needed break from each other. This turned into more arguing, more nagging. Don’t even ask how I am doing at this point. As a mom, it is my responsibility to get them to school on time. I am STRESSING.

Lucielle Ball Crying, stressed morning

It was getting desperate…Lucille Ball

I started thinking to myself, do I let them be late for school and just let them argue? No, I resorted to threatening. If you two don’t start getting ready, you’re going to be late and how will your teachers feel?

Lucielle Ball stressed out expression

I was at my breaking point….I felt like this. Lucille Ball


Then, I moved to, if you are late from school, there will be no play dates this week. Nothing worked. Finally, they were dressed, teeth and hair brushed and faces washed.

Onto breakfast where there was more arguing about which oatmeal flavor they would have. Then, something magical happened. They ate and started smiling. They were in a good mood!

They were just hungry or the oatmeal made them happy. I would like to say that Glutenfreeda Instant Oatmeal was my hero this morning.


Eat your oatmeal and Have a happy day!


Stressed morning secret I Love Lucy

This is me telling all of you my secret weapon. I Love Lucy!






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