Nora McCarthy, A Driven Fitness Mom, With a Dash of Shakeology and Wisdom

Nora McCarthy is inspired by Tony Horton and got fit by setting goals and following them.

I am very intrigued by her commitment to her exercise program and how she overcame obstacles in her life. Through determination and wanting to be fit and healthy for herself and her family, she was able to reconnect with her dreams.


Fitness Mom, beach body certified trainer

Nora McCarthy, Beach Body Certified Trainer and Dedicated Mom!


CR: We want our readers to get to know you better. What is your name and where did you grow up? What was life like where you grew up?

NM: My name is Nora Lynn Judycki Fields McCarthy

My Mom and Dad separated when I was two. Unfortunately, I was unable to meet my Dad. Six years later my Mom remarried. My stepfather was stationed in Fort Greely, Alaska for approximately, two years. We moved to Manchester, NH, Crescent City, Florida, and Worcester, Ma where I spent the majority of my life. I had to grow up before for it was time. Growing up quicker than a child should have is really hard. I missed a lot. At the age of 17, I began working out at Bay State Gym. That’s where I found my passion for fitness.
CR:  What is the name of your company and how long have you been doing what you do?

NM: My company is BEACHBODY. I am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. I have been a coach since July 21, 2012
CR: What is the name of your major product/service?

NM: P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, Body Beast, Les Mills, and Shakeology are just a few of our products.

CR: What makes your product/service unique?

NM: Our products work! As long as you follow the fitness programs and nutrition guide lines you will see results!

CR:  How long have you been doing this?

NM: All my life I have been into fitness. I just recently started coaching.
CR: What made you be interested in your industry?

NM: To help others achieve their health and fitness goals. To end the trend of obesity!
CR:  Why/how did you get inspired to start?

NM: About a year and a half ago, I purchased P90x. There were several reasons why I was not able to complete the program. I had No motivation, energy or time. I had responsibilities of a single mother trying to take care of my three children under the age of seven. Three months prior to being a coach I saw an ad to meet Tony Horton LIVE at The Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT. Tony is a huge inspiration to me and millions of other people. One month ago I started the “Classic” phase of P90x. I am determined to complete the program this time.


Tony Horton, fitness trainer inspiration

Nora McCarthy posing with her inspiration Tony Horton


CR: Did you have any special training to do your work?

NM:  Yes. When you sign up as a coach Beachbody gives you an on line office for all your tools for training.
CR: What is your most favorite work you are proud of?

NM: Seeing results!

Before and after Beach Body, Nora McCarthy

One of Nora’s Before and After transformation!

CR: Where can people find your product and what stores is it offer in?

NM: Products can only be found on my websites!
CR: What are your websites?



CR: What is your most favorite story?

NM: Today was one of THOSE days. Crazy chaos with work and kids’ activities and then dinner and homework and exhaustion and no time for me. Any other day I would have said forget it and just blew off my workout and been depressed and feeling like a failure. This is the story of my life.
But today, I pressed play at 10:10pm. Just finished Insanity – Cardio Power Resistance. WOOT! I love my client’s enthusiasm!!!
CR: How do you keep your customers happy?

NM: Every month I have an accountability group. I invite everyone to join me to exercise, eat clean, and give them support.  
CR: Is there anything controversial about your product? Who else should I talk to about this?

NM: NO, there is nothing controversial. Our products work! You can always email customer relations at or call 1-800-470-7870

CR: Where do you see yourself and company in five years?

NM: In five years I see myself as a Star Diamond Coach building my dream home, taking my children on vacations without going into debit and see my children go to college.
CR:  Do you have any recent exciting news about your company you’d like to tell us about?

NM: On October 1st we were able to launch with Canadian residents. We have been waiting to do this for a very long time.
CR: Tell our readers a favorite tool or product you absolutely could not live without and why!

NM: Besides the fitness programs, I could NOT live without my Energy & Endurance pre-work formula. E & E will improve your energy, endurance and strength and will help you get through your workouts.

workout shakes Energy and E

Nora keeps healthy with healthy shakes. To find out more, visit her Shakeology site (listed above)

We always ask the question, what makes your product/service unique. Nora did something unique which we love. She asked friends and colleagues about her products and services. These are two testimonials from colleagues and friends of Nora’s:
Testimonial #1

What do I do well that makes me stand out from everyone else? You are the most dedicated mother I know. You always put their best interest before anything else.
2. What comes so easy to me, that is hard for other people, that I don’t even see it? You are adaptable. You can overcome adversity and move forward. In the 25+ years I’ve know you, you’ve over come some very challenging times in your life, always a better person because of it.
3. What do you think makes me special and different from everyone else? You’re easy going playful personality. You don’t take yourself too seriously!

Testimonial # 2 What do I do well that makes me stand out from everyone else? What comes so easy to me, that is hard for other people, that I don’t even see it? What do you think makes me special and different from everyone else?
I think you are awesome and amazing. You are inspirational and very supportive. You have a very out going personality and are a great friend. You don’t give yourself enough credit, such as being so worried about your P90X test. You are an amazing mom too and always keep your children’s best interest in mind. I can totally see you as being the leader of a class, up front teaching. You can tell you are very fit so people who make quick assumptions may think you have always been that way and it comes easy to you. They may not think about all the work you put into it and all the exercise you do. Kind of how people have a tendency to sum a person up without even knowing them kind of thing. (I hope that made sense!) You have passion and want to help others. Perfect example of that is your accountability group. You were there for so many people cheering us on. You even helped me in my group!



Mom and son doing Pigeon Pose Yoga stretch

Nora McCarthy, Pigeon Pose stretch with son, Sean


How does she do it all? Nora keeps fit by including her children and creating concrete fitness goals for herself. She completes one step at a time and keeps to eating healthy foods, knowing that it will keep her mentally and physically fit! She is now an independent Beachbody Coach and keeps her clients motivated with her monthly ‘Accountability Groups’. Nora’s story is a wonderful reminder that we can continually improve our health and we can break out of unhealthy habits, both mentally and physically. Congratulations, Nora and thank you for inspiring moms everywhere to take control, get healthy and follow your dreams. You are an inspiration for us all and your family! I’m looking forward to catching up on your next certification!

Stay tuned for a more personal story from Nora that will inspire any mom combating depression.


Enjoy Today!



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