My Hair is Changing…A Growing or Grey Phase, Will Moroccan Oil Help??


Moroccan Oil to help hair styling

Will this help my unruly hair??? Click the link to view this item in their store.


I have been noticing that my hair takes longer to smooth. I have all these little hairs that can’t seem to make their way down. I’ve been using spray, flat irons and leave in conditioners. When I went to get my hair done the other day, I asked the hairstylist about my hair. She thinks I’m going through a growing phase but thinks it’s a greying phase and my hair is ‘changing’. When I asked what I could do about it, she said, ‘it’s just matter of getting the hairs to go all the same way.

I’m going to get some more Moroccan Oil and try leaving it in before I blow dry. I will report back my findings. Has anyone ever experienced a ‘growing phase’?


This will link you to the online store. This is a larger bottle but Moroccan Oil is available in smaller sizes. They also sell different versions at grocery stores and I hear Target carries some as well. Please leave me any hair tips here. It takes so long to do my hair now and any time saved, will make me a happy woman!



UPDATED: Thursday, November 15th, 2012. I see a huge difference! While your hair is wet! a tiny amount of Moroccan oil in your hand and rubbing hands to distribute on your hands, work this into the ends of your hair first and work your way up to your roots. You don’t want your roots to appear oily. My hair looks more lively and I have less of those unruly hairs! Next, I’m going to try Moroccan Oil hot oil treatments and report back!

Enjoy Today!




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