Lynn Steel of ‘Creative Cakes By Lynn’ is Her Own Cake Boss with Artistic Cake Ideas!

lynn steel her own cake boss

Lynn Steel, of Creative Cakes by Lynn

I see photo updates on my Facebook news feed from Creative Cakes by Lynn and I am always floored! How does she do that? The attention to detail, creativity and sometimes whimsical designs of Lynn always surprise me. Always an artist, she couples her design skill with great tasting baking. Lynn has grown her own business and her personable customer service coupled with her talent makes her a reputable ‘cake boss’! That’s why I couldn’t wait to tell you about her and her work!


Lynn’s designs can go from characters from popular movies like this Darth Vadar cake….

star wars cake Darth Vadar, creative cakes by lynn

Darth Vadar Cake by Creative Cakes by Lynn. Click on the photo to be brought to her blogspot.

Then, she can go completely elegant with this beautiful cake!


wedding cake ideas, creative cakes by lynn, flower cake

Wedding Cake by Creative Cakes by Lynn, Click on the photo to be brought to her blogspot!


CR:  We want our readers to get to know you better. What is your name and where did you grow up?

LS: Lynn Steel, Wethersfield, CT

CR:  What was life like where you grew up?

LS: I grew up in a suburb outside of Hartford, CT.

CR:  What is the name of your company and how long have you been doing what you do?

LS: Creative Cakes by Lynn.  I have been baking and into art since I was a child.  I have been doing custom cakes for about 8 years.  I started doing this in Sturbridge, MA.  I just started doing this as Creative Cakes by Lynn in Mendon, MA.

CR:  What is the name of your major product/service?

LS: Custom Cakes

CR:  What makes your product/service unique?

LS: My cakes are unique and tailored to customers needs, including allergen concerns.

CR:  How long have you been doing this?

LS: Started doing custom cakes for friends/family about 8 years ago, but baking and into art since I was a child.

Birdcake by Creative Cakes by Lynn her own cake boss

Lynn’s Art shows through on her cakes! Click on the photo to be brought to her blogspot to see more of her work!

CR:  What made you be interested in your industry?

LS: I have always loved baking and art.

CR:  Why/how did you get inspired to start?

LS: About 8 years ago when my oldest daughter was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy, I began to make special cakes for her.  After that friends and others followed.

CR:  Did you have any special training to do your work?

LS: Self taught.

CR:  What is your most favorite work you are proud of?

LS:  All of them!  I really put everything into every order.

CR: Where can people find your product and what stores it is offered in?

LS: Cakes can be ordered by contacting me directly via phone, Facebook or email.

CR:  What is your website?

LS: and on Facebook

CR:  What is your most favorite customer story?

LS: Last minute Sinking Titanic cake for a boy fighting Leukemia.  Love “cake smiles”!

movies cake, titanic cake, cake ideas, sinking ship

Lynn’s Amazing adaptation of blockbuster ‘Titanic movie’ birthday cake for a boy fighting Leukemia. Click on the photo to be brought to her blogspot.

CR:  How do you keep your customers happy?

LS: I think the customers appreciate the amount of detail that I put into my work.  I always strive to make cakes that are not only beautiful to look at, but also taste great. 

CR:  Is there anything controversial about your product? Who else should I talk to about this? Where can our readers learn more about you? and/or Who disagrees with you on this

LS: I hope not!

CR:  Where do you see yourself and company in five years?

LS: I am not sure.  I enjoy being able to do put the amount of time and detail that I put into each cake, so I wouldn’t want to grow too much!

CR:  Do you have any recent exciting news about your company you’d like to tell us about?

LSL Not so much recent news, but pretty much all of my business is from customer referrals and repeat orders.

CR:  Is there anything else you’d like to say on this topic that I haven’t asked about?

LS:  Everyone deserves a custom cake at least once in life!!

CR:  Tell our readers a favorite tool or product you absolutely could not live without and why!

LS: My double oven, stand mixer and numerous decorating accessories.

Lynn is a mom that took control of her daughter’s need to have cakes that were safe and her artistry came to life! She is a woman with a lifelong passion who continues to amaze all of her customers with her work.  Thank you, Lynn, for your interview and we look forward to interviewing you again to see more of your deliciously edible masterpieces!


lynn steel her own cake boss

Lynn Steel, of Creative Cakes by Lynn


You can contact Lynn or see more of her work here

Via email:

Phone: (508) 868-9479



We hope you enjoyed learning about Lynn Steel and it inspired you to find pursue or re-ignite your passion in life! More features coming soon!

Enjoy Today!




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