I Am a Lover; Not a Fighter – Post Inspired by Mozart quote

Mozart, love is the soul of the genius

I want to share this quote!

Every time I start getting frustrated about mistreatment of me or people I love, I always, always think of this quote. I think that it’s the most healthiest way to live and won’t deter me from anything amazing I’m doing. It also at the same time doesn’t add pain to the people who are doing the hurting to me. They are hurting and don’t understand love…and I want to be someone who breeds love instead of repeating their behavior.

Change starts with me and I love this quote so much!!!

I’m going to frame this in my house very soon. I want to look at it everyday and I hope my family and friend will see it when they visit.



Enjoy today!
Christine Rap



I'm Christine Rap. I'm a real mom. I blog about real things in pop culture and motherhood. I am not a gossip columnist! I am half of American Dreamers http://www.facebook.com/americandreamersmusic. We are releasing our next single and music video on Thursday, November 1, 2012. We're very excited!

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