Food Allergies and How They’re Helping Me Eat Healthier!

food allergy symptoms

I had a lot of these symptoms…photo from


So, recently I have found out that I’m lactose intolerant, with soy and egg allergies. I did this by process of elimination. I also quit coffee and drink lots of water. My stomach issues are all but vanished.

Another good result of eliminating these foods is that I’m losing weight! I’ve lost four pounds. So, this makes me feel a bit better since I can only eat organic, 80% ‘Panama’ Chocolate which contains no Soy Lecithin. Most baked good that you come loaded with Soy Lecithin. This means I can’t eat chocolate unless I buy that special kind. I’m finding that the chocolate is not important to me because I’m not getting out to the store to get it.

Breads, cakes and muffins all have soy and dairy in them. I no longer eat eggs in the morning with butter. I can eat a few cereals like Wild Harvest Natural Golden honey & flax granola and Ezekiel 4:9. I use Lactaid because Rice Milk contains Soy Lecithin. I’m allergic to Almond milk, although I really like it.
So there you have it, positives have come from not being able to eat foods I love. I will enjoy a healthier body, no stomach issues, no acid reflux and I’ll be thinner! This is not a bad trade-off at all!

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