Five Reasons Why You Should Forgive Today


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We all have past hurts, past regrets and things that can keep us up at night. Don’t waste one more minute on having the need to ‘get closure’. By doing this, you’re giving the other person control. You are in control. Get closure now. :)


1. Although the other person may feel guilt (they may not), they wouldn’t feel exactly what you feel. You have your own set of experiences that make you unique. It is unrealistic that those people will experience the level of feelings you have.

2. Sometimes holding onto this pain or anger allows us to feel vindicated and even sometimes these feelings serve as our righteous revenge on those that have wronged us. If we really analyze it, we are the ones suffering.

3. Holding onto the pain, keeps you holding onto the past. You cannot release that pain, ever. Do you deserve to live in this pergatory and state of stagnancy? Can you afford that? How much time do you have left to live in your life? Do you really want to keep feeling this forever?

4. Not focusing on what others did, allows you to focus on yourself. Your growth will happen even if they choose not to. You are in control of you.

5. You deserve peace. You are not the same person you were even yesterday. Everyday is a new chance to grow and change. You are getting better everyday.


Enjoy Today!
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