Free Range Kids on the ‘Helicopter Mom’: Has our Need for Security Made Our Generation Loopy?

      Maybe it’s because my children are getting older and I’m not worried that they’ll eat paint or run into oncoming traffic….Maybe it’s just that I’m starting to notice my need to hold onto (OK, cling) to my… Continue Reading

Six Ways for Your Children to be More Independent

    You’re sick of the constant arguing in the evening for doing homework, completing chores and responsibilities and getting ready for school. You’re tired of competing with Ipods, Ipads, toys and TV! If you’re children are age five or… Continue Reading

Cute Girls Hairstyles, Waterfall Braid :)

My girls love to have their hair flat ironed and have smooth, neat hair for school. I like this variation to keep their hair neat called the ‘Waterfall Braid’. Because it is not all locked in to the hair, it’s… Continue Reading

Collecting Clutter….Collecting Ideas and how it is related to a Cluttered Life

As part of starting this 2012-2013 school year with a newly found appreciation for spare time. I am also giving ‘spare space’ a chance. Over the years, we’ve grown our pile of toys and things that we attached meanings to… Continue Reading

When did it become NOT O.K. for Kids to be Good at One Thing??

Last year, both of my girls (aged seven and eight) were in Girl Scouts, Soccer, and taking dance lessons. Last year, was an emotional drain on all of us. Between managing my household, their schedules and also being the driver… Continue Reading