Five Reasons Why You Should Forgive Today

 Photo from We all have past hurts, past regrets and things that can keep us up at night. Don’t waste one more minute on having the need to ‘get closure’. By doing this, you’re giving the other person control.… Continue Reading


Seven Days of Positivity Challenge: Day Four

    I’ve been challenged by my friend, Bonnie to think of and share three things I feel positively about. Today is day four.   1. I am thankful that a friend today said something that reminded me that being… Continue Reading

Lowering TV Time Could Improve Your Child’s Attitude and Behavior. Read our Family’s Story!

    I’m going to tell you a story about television and behavior changes in our home. About two years ago, my oldest daughter, Eva, comes upstairs in a frantic whirlwind. She said, ‘Mom, I was watching TV and then,… Continue Reading

Should Men Do Half the Housework? Traditional Roles-Kelly and Michael talk about them.

      Today on Kelly and Michael, they were reading an article that said that during the medieval times, there was 50% less chance of divorce because women and men did not split up housework.  I’m a stay at… Continue Reading

The Many Descriptions for the Woman’s Body: Thick, ‘Stick’ Thin, Girlish, Curvy…

Why is it that women have so many descriptions for our bodies? It seems like men have two: Out of shape with a ‘beer gut’ and in great shape. Women on the other hand, gain a little bit of weight… Continue Reading

Drink Water For Your Health! Reduce Acid Reflux and Hydrate Skin!

Hi everyone! I have acid reflux. I also have dry skin. I also LOVE coffee. In the morning, per my husband, Marcus’s orders, I need to drink two eight ounce glasses of water BEFORE I drink any coffee. I have… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday, Nona and Squash Ginger Soup

Yesterday was Marcus’s Grandmother, Nona Maria’s birthday. In my family, when someone passes, on their birthday and in their memory, you enjoy one of their favorite foods. Marcus grandmother L-O-V-E-D soup and chicken. We thought we’d break in our Fall… Continue Reading