Seven Days of Positivity Challenge: Day Four

    I’ve been challenged by my friend, Bonnie to think of and share three things I feel positively about. Today is day four.   1. I am thankful that a friend today said something that reminded me that being… Continue Reading


Seven Days of Positive Thinking Challenge: Day Three

    1. I am thankful for meditation. It cleanses the mind and soul and it renews perspective. You can somehow see everything clearer and I love that feeling. It also helps keep you feeling balanced with your priorities. 2.… Continue Reading

Seven Day Challenge of Positive Thinking: Day One

  This challenge, given to me by my soon to be published author, Bonnie Budd, couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s a seven day challenge with three positive things in your life per day. I’ve seen this challenge… Continue Reading

Genevieve Stillman, Co-Owner of Stillman’s Farm Passion for Growing Food Renews Nature!

I always learn something new from Genevieve Stillman every time I see her! She is intelligent, witty, and willing to always share her knowledge. We often find ourselves in fits of laughter. This interview was no exception! Always surrounded by… Continue Reading

What the Heck is ‘The Paleo Diet’

    We’ve heard about it. We’re breaking it down for you. Apparently, our bodies are not equipped to have starchy vegetables, sugary foods and diets high in carbohydrates (even whole grains). Not according to Dr. Loren Cordain who has… Continue Reading

Sleep and Why I Apparently Can’t Have It!

I can’t sleep! Gearing up for this single release has been a little stressful but I’m so excited that I haven’t noticed. I literally got about three hours of sleep last night because I kept waking up with racing thoughts.… Continue Reading

Jewel reproduces her beautiful song called ‘Flower’ Breast Reconstruction Awareness

      The singer Jewel has penned a song entitled ‘Flower’ in support of Breast Reconstruction Awareness. If you are a Jewel fan, you will LOVE this sweet song. I’ve always loved the sweetness and strength of her voice.… Continue Reading

The Many Descriptions for the Woman’s Body: Thick, ‘Stick’ Thin, Girlish, Curvy…

Why is it that women have so many descriptions for our bodies? It seems like men have two: Out of shape with a ‘beer gut’ and in great shape. Women on the other hand, gain a little bit of weight… Continue Reading

Drink Water For Your Health! Reduce Acid Reflux and Hydrate Skin!

Hi everyone! I have acid reflux. I also have dry skin. I also LOVE coffee. In the morning, per my husband, Marcus’s orders, I need to drink two eight ounce glasses of water BEFORE I drink any coffee. I have… Continue Reading