My two budding little Cake Bosses

Isn’t it amazing how you can want to do something your whole life and it takes having children to finally do it? I have always wanted to learn to make frosting roses and decorate cakes and cupcakes. I have always… Continue Reading


What the Heck is ‘The Paleo Diet’

    We’ve heard about it. We’re breaking it down for you. Apparently, our bodies are not equipped to have starchy vegetables, sugary foods and diets high in carbohydrates (even whole grains). Not according to Dr. Loren Cordain who has… Continue Reading

Domino’s New Sugar–Half Stevia and Half Sugar!

  There is NO artificial sweetener in this! Stevia is a sweetener from the Stevia plant. I tried it this morning in my Chamomile tea. Yes, I have quit coffee again. My acid reflux problem is getting worse. It tastes… Continue Reading

Healthier choices for Halloween Treats from Family Circle Magazine!

If your family is like ours, we enjoy sweet treats. However, since the camera puts on ten pounds, we are all watching our waistline! Here is a photo of Family Circle’s Carrot muffin!     Enjoy Today!! Christine Rap

Happy Birthday, Nona and Squash Ginger Soup

Yesterday was Marcus’s Grandmother, Nona Maria’s birthday. In my family, when someone passes, on their birthday and in their memory, you enjoy one of their favorite foods. Marcus grandmother L-O-V-E-D soup and chicken. We thought we’d break in our Fall… Continue Reading