Awesome and Unique Holiday Gifts for Kids from Hearth Song!

If you are like me, you want to get a few gifts for your kids that aren’t on their ‘Wish List’ and that will give them that ‘WOWWWW’ factor and brighten their eyes.

Here’s several from Heartland that are awesome!


3D theater, available at Hearth Song $36.98, click on the picture to view this item in their online store

fiberopticbutterflyfor girlsroom lights

Light up your little girl’s room with these fiber optic butterfly lights $29.98, click on above to view in their online store

indoor golf game

Indoor Golf Game, $29.98, click on the photo to view this item in their store

light up rings stocking stuffers

Waterproof Light up Rings, stocking stuffers, $12.98 for a set of 8, party packs available also, click on the photo to view this item in the online store

Garden laboratory toys for kids, holiday

Garden Laboratory, $34.98, click on the photo above to view this item in their store


Observation Birdhouse, $19.98, click on the photo to view this item at their store

Cabinet photo frames, easily display art

Easily display children’s art, perfect gift for grandparents and other moms, 8 1/2 X 11 $29.28, other sizes available, click on the photo to view the item in their online store

You can search by age, boy or girl, Science toys and much more. Skip over to Hearth Song here


Happy Shopping!
Enjoy Today!
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