Angela’s Ink Link Love of Scrapbooking: The Importance of Preserving Photo Memories


Angela Carter, Angela's Ink Link, Scrapbooking ideas, photobooks

Scrapbooking is Angela’s Carter’s commitment to preserving memories.

Are you a mom like me who has hundreds of photos in a digital folder on your computer? Do you look at, with awe, those moms who make gorgeous scrapbooks and have their memories organized and within recent months? Well, I wanted to get in touch with Angela Carter at Angela’s Ink Link to find more about why and how she decided to make this a priority. I found her story to be a heartwarming reminder of the importance preserving memories for everyone to enjoy for years to come!

CR:  We want our readers to get to know you better. What is your name and where did you grow up?


AC: Angela Carter.  I grew up in Brimfield, MA.  I never moved around much besides going to college in Worcester.  I now live in Southbridge, MA.


CR.     What was life like where you grew up?


AC: I grew up on a mountain, with little to no neighbors.  I had 2 younger brothers and LOTS of pets.  I’m talking dogs, cats, geese, rabbits… you name it.  My parents both worked.  Mom worked nights so she could stay home with us kids and Dad worked days. 


CR:  What is the name of your company and how long have you been doing what you do?
AC: Angela’s Ink Link.  I have been paper crafting since 2003 (when my first son was born) and doing this as a business full time for almost 2 years.


CR:  What is the name of your major product/service?


AC: I sell Stampin’ Up! products, but offer my unique services in teaching people how to create with paper.


CR:     What makes your product/service unique?


AC: Stampin’ Up’s product is unique because they are a leader in rubber stamping.  Their quality of goods far exceeds any competitor and anyone that has used lots of different crafting products would agree with me.  I am unique in my teaching because I put my ideas and creativity into all the products I create.


CR.     How long have you been doing this?


AC: I have been paper crafting since 2003.


CR.     What got you interested in your industry?


AC: The very first thing that got me interested in crafting with paper, was going to a scrapbook workshop.  My son was a baby and I thought it was a fabulous way to document his childhood, while being creative and also keeping it all in one place.  The pictures I have of myself as a baby are in boxes in my parents dining room closet and it’s almost impossible to find any rhyme or reason to them.


CR.     Why/how did you get inspired to start?


AC: I was inspired to start teaching others how to create by the compliments of friends.  I was being told by many that I had a gift for crafting and that others would love to learn how to do what I was doing at home.  Stampin’ Up’s motto is “Inspire. Create. Share”. I live that motto every day and love it.


CR:   Did you have any special training to do your work?


AC: I didn’t require any special training, however I do try to keep up to date on all the latest products and techniques so I can share with others.


CR:   Do you have any other unique or special talents you’d like to tell us about? Do you have any celebrity brushes you’d like to tell us about?


AC: I have met a few celebrities, but the stories aren’t exciting… I’ve met Steven Spielberg, Jessica Simpson and Doris Kearns Goodwin.


CR:  What is your most favorite work you are proud of?


AC: Ooh, that’s a hard one but I would have to say my kids’ scrapbooks.  Which I am very far behind on!  I’m working on that.


Angela's Ink Link, Hip Hop photos, child's recital scrapbooking

Sample scrapbooking pages, one of Angela’s son’s at his Hip Hop Recital. Click on the photo to be brought to her official website!


CR:  What is your most favorite customer story?


AC: I would just say that although I don’t have any good stories to tell, the best thing that has come out of my business are the customers I have and the friends I have made.  My customers always end up becoming friends and for that, I’m grateful.


CR:  How do you keep your customers happy?


AC: Customer service is HUGE. If you don’t have exceptional customer service, you don’t have customers.


CR:   Where do you see yourself and company in five years?


AC: Gosh, in addition to attracting more customers, more friends who love to do what I do… my goal with Stampin’ Up! as a company is to earn an incentive trip.  Next year they are going to Fiji!  My goal for my own online presence is to reach out to as many people as possible and inspire them to create, whether for themselves or for someone else.  There is NOTHING in this world that compares to a handmade gift.  The thought, time and effort that goes into it cannot be bought.


CR:   Do you have any recent exciting news about your company you’d like to tell us about?


AC: Crafting is actually becoming digitalized and it’s HUGE!  In fact, Stampin’ Up! just released an app today for apple users.  It’s free and you can download it to ipod, itouch or iphone and it creates digital postcards that you can personalize to send in emails or post on social media sites.  It’s fast, fun, creative and easy!  They call it “Simply Sent”.


CR:  Tell our readers a favorite tool or product you absolutely could not live without and why!


AC: I could not live without “My Digital Studio”! It’s a digital software from Stampin’ Up for busy people who still want to create with little time to spare.  It creates scrapbooks, greeting cards, postcards, tags, movies, calendars and more.  You can print at home or send to a printing service.  You can still use your imagination and be creative, while just using your computer or you can used pre-designed templates to get you started.

Angela's Ink Link, My Digital Studio, Logo

Logo for Angela’s ‘Can’t Live Without Tool’, ‘My Digital Studio’


Angela Carter is a mom who began simply documenting her children’s childhood through scrapbooking and it has become a passion and a thriving business. Simply by being a mom who wanted lovely and creative photo books, she has motivated many moms to follow suit while she shows them how to do it well. I feel that I am that mom who has photos, not in boxes, but in folders on my desktop! Listening to Angela’s story, reminds me of the importance of preserving our memories well and I’m going to start with doing something today!


Thank you, Angela for your interview and we’re looking forward to interviewing you again to see what’s new with Angela’s Ink Link!



You can connect with and find more about Angela, her ideas, her work and her life by visiting her at her links below! Angela even has some how-to videos on her Youtube Channel! Get started today with Angela’s expertise!

Angela Carter, Angela's Ink Link, Scrapbooking ideas, photobooks

Angela Carter, Owner of Angela’s Ink Link and Stampin’ Up Representative. Click on her photo to be brought to her official website!


Twitter: @Angelasinklink






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