American Dreamers, Like all America, are Working Toward our Next Goals!

American Dreamers Music Group, husband and wife

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Hi Everyone!!

We have some news!!! We have released our music video for our song ‘Precious Time’. You can watch it here!!!

We’ve had a ton of shares of our Youtube/website link on Facebook and through emails from family and friends and over 2,300 views in one week!!! Please keep the sharing going!!! Thanks so much everyone! Also, we found out that we are finalists in the November 14th, Episode #10 Episode of Wootube on TVCh3 on Charter. Voting then opens! If we win for November, we have a chance at winning for the whole year!

Also, we’re working on some other exciting stuff (can’t talk about it yet!) that will help us to achieve our next goal (besides promoting ‘Precious Time’) to complete our EP and another music video!!!

Stay tuned and as always, thank you for all your support! We love you! You can also find us on Facebook here and on twitter here

Enjoy today!
Christine Rap




I'm Christine Rap. I'm a real mom. I blog about real things in pop culture and motherhood. I am not a gossip columnist! I am half of American Dreamers We are releasing our next single and music video on Thursday, November 1, 2012. We're very excited!

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