Allergies and Asthma: How to Control Dust Mites in Your Home

Dust Mites, get your beauty sleep!

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Having trouble sleeping at night due to sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing, runny nose and wheezing??? You could be allergy to dust mites. I have been treating my home to maintenance for about two years. I sleep so much better now! I have suffered with allergies and asthma my whole life! Recently I’ve been tested for environmental allergies and I’m allergies to most everything. I have suffered with this allergy I think my whole life. When I was a teen, my eyes would tear up at night and the skin all around my eyes would dry up. I had to put Vaseline on my eyes at night to prevent that! My girls suffer with the same symptoms so we regularly keep all our rooms clean!

One of the most highest common allergy is household dust mites. They are microscopic and look like this:

Dust Mites Allergy

Dust Mites (photo from

Very NASTY!!!

Here’s what I found to control the itchy watery eyes at night, post nasal drip, sneezing, wheezing, coughing and skin itchiness! There is a monetary and time investment to controlling dust mites but your health is the single most important asset you have. It’s worth the investment to sleep better. I labeled them in order to make it easier for you to organize. Overall, it about one day of shopping and about three hours for the initial cleaning not including the laundry you have to do.

1. Very important to purchase a good vacuum with a Hepa filter! I have a Hoover Windtunnel. Be sure to change your bag frequently unless you have a bag less vacuum.

2. Purchase some dust masks. You can buy these in packages of three to five or more.

3. Purchase a good mattress cover that specifically says protects from 99.9% allergens. You can get them at Linens and Things, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Macy’s. They may have them at other stores or online as well. The one that I have is like a pillow case for my mattress. It zips on the side.

4. Purchase Pillow protectors that specifically say to protect against 99.9% allergens and dust mites.

5. Purchase an air purifier. We got ours at Sears for about $100.

6. Your comforter or Blanket. I have found that the kind with polyester fill attract even more dust mites. Pure thick cotton blankets work best!

Initial Cleanup to Remove Dust Mites

After you’ve made your solid investments to improving your air quality, you are ready to do your initial cleanup.

Before you put on your mattress covers and pillow covers:

1. Put on your dust mask! No need to aggravate your allergies and asthma! You’re about to go to war with dust mites!

2. Open your windows! Air circulation is key; especially while your’e cleaning.

3. Turn on your air purifier!

4. You need to wash your pillow in hot water and bleach it and dry it on the highest setting safe for your fabric as possible.

5. Remove All bedding: You should wash your comforter/quilt with at least warm water and dry on the highest setting that is safe for the fabric on your mattress.

6. Stuffed animals: It is preferable that these are removed from the bedroom. They are notorious for collecting dust mites and feces. Gross but true! Put them in another room OR wash them on warm and dry on low. You can also vacuum them if you feel so inclined but washing gets it done. You will need to wash them often!

7. Vacuum or sweep the entire room thoroughly; even corners! Wash your floor with a damp mop and rinse often if you have hard wood or tiles.

8. Wash or vacuum your curtains thoroughly.

9. Dust all surfaces including windows with a damp cloth and rinse it often while cleaning.

10. Here’s the most labor intensive part. Take your mattress off the box spring and take the box spring off the support beams. Use your vacuum hose to vacuum underneath your bed and all the sides of the wood. Dust with a damp cloth for any caked in dust!

11. Vacuum ALL sides of the box spring thoroughly. You’ll want to start at one side and vacuum with the hose in straight lines so you can keep track of where you already vacuumed!

12. Vacuum any upholstered chairs or sofas in the room. They are like a mattress and will hold dust mites as well. You may want to cover them with a dust cover during the day if you have animals. Their fur dander will attract dust mites.

Replace your box spring and mattress in their places.

13. After you’ve vacuumed and dusted. Collect your clean mattress cover, pillows, comforter/blanket and clean sheets.

14. Put on your mattress cover and pillow covers.

15. Make your bed with good, clean 100% cotton sheets.

16. Keep your air purifier and windows open as long as possible to help circulate air.

17. If you have animals, put a dust cover over your blanket and made bed. Take it off at night before you sleep. Fold it up and keep it in another room. Animal dander attracts and holds dust mites!


You or your child will sleep like a baby tonight!

For maintenance!


1. Make Bed to prevent dust mites from getting inside your sheets.

2. Air out your room!

3. Keep air purifier ON!
At least once a week!

1. Wash and/or change your sheets and pillow case.

2. Vacuum your room including corners.

3. Dust all surfaces

4. Clean or change the filter on your air purifier.

5. You may have to vacuum your mattress top and sides depending on how severe your allergies are.


1. Wash your pillow and pillow cover and vacuum the top and sides of your mattress. You don’t have to take it apart.

Every Six Months:

1. Repeat the larger maintenance steps 1- 17


Here’s to happier, healthier sleeping. Making the investment to your health and the healthy of your family is so worth it! Even if you do not have dust mite allergies, you will benefit from not inhaling dust mites or their feces while you sleep!


Feel better and sleep well!


Enjoy Today!
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