Please Take a Second and Vote for Our Video Get Played on TV!

Hi Everyone!!!   We are finalists in a contest! It is so important that you vote for us today! If you have a Facebook account, you can vote and every account can only vote once! We wrote, recorded, produced and… Continue Reading


Filmmaker 101: Beginning Steps and Important Legal Information, Copyrights, Distribution

      The film industry is run by 11 major companies, which control the financing distribution and production. Indie filmmakers, however, with the right planning can still manage to create a profit stream. Any filmmaker must be passionate about… Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Songs: One for The Kids, One for Adults by Adam Sandler!

  Hi Everyone, In honor of Thanksgiving, here’s one for the kids to sing and one for the adults! From my family to yours, Have a wonderful, happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Little Pilgrim Song for Kids! Always a favorite,… Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving! Watch our video about ‘Precious Time’ and Memories with family!

  Hi Everyone! It is a pleasure for us to share with you our November release, music video for  ‘Precious Time’.   You can find it in many places! Available on Itunes Now! On our American Dreamers Youtube Channel… Continue Reading

Angela’s Ink Link Love of Scrapbooking: The Importance of Preserving Photo Memories

Angela Carter, Angela's Ink Link, Scrapbooking ideas, photobooks

  Scrapbooking is Angela’s Carter’s commitment to preserving memories. Are you a mom like me who has hundreds of photos in a digital folder on your computer? Do you look at, with awe, those moms who make gorgeous scrapbooks and… Continue Reading

Personalized Santa Calls and Santa Videos: Best Ways to Get in Touch With Santa in 2012!

  I know it isn’t yet even Thanksgiving but Christmas is not too far away and Santa is ready to help children be reminded to ‘be nice’.   Try these links. We do this every year and it’s good fun… Continue Reading

School Math Links to Help Obama and Us All!

When Obama admitted his own troubles with helping his children with math homework, I didn’t feel so bad! We’re really stepping up math practice at our house. We do use flashcards and workbooks but sometimes, those can get boring. Try… Continue Reading

Our Stressed School Morning, Told with Expressions from Lucille Ball

I do not like mornings like this. My girls woke up tired, and took fifteen minutes to wake up. We were already in time crunch mode to get to school. That’s when they decided to argue about sink space, toothpaste, nag… Continue Reading